Valeggio sul Mincio is, as the name suggests, located by the Mincio River, amidst the beautiful hills surrounding Lake Garda, into which the river flows. Sights worth visiting include Castello Scaligero, where you can stroll amidst the battlements of the castle, Palazzo Guarienti and the church of San Pietro.

Take a pretty little road downhill through the greenery to Borghetto, a town offering a wealth of pretty little sights, including the church of San Marco and the evocative ruins of the Visconti bridge, known locally as Pontelongo (long bridge). An extraordinary military construction spanning a river, it was built on order of Gian Galeazzo Visconti by architect and hydraulic engineer Domenico Fiorentino.

Returning to Valeggio, another sight worth visiting is the neoclassical Villa Maffei della Quercia, now known as Sigurtà, built by Vincenzo Pellesina in the late 17th century. Since then it has welcomed nobles, poets, artists, heads of state and scientists. The grounds at Sigurtà are certainly among Europe's most beautiful gardens. Extending over 50 hectares from the morenic hill forming the left bank of the Mincio River to Valeggio and the foothills toward the plains, the park is a beautiful setting for a stroll through the luxuriant woods, over soft carpets of grass, among flowerbeds, ponds, surreal boxwood hedges, cypress and oak trees, and lichen-covered trunks like green columns.